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Protection at less than $1 per day

When an accident happens, treatment costs can add up - fast.  Accident coverage pays you cash immediately with no waiting period. So you can recover without the added financial stress.

Get Cash Benefits with California Accident Coverage

Immediate Payment

There's no waiting period. Your cash benefits go over and above any benefits received from other plans.

An accident policy pays cash immediately for injuries  that require medical treatment.

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No Network Restrictions

Claim your cash benefits no matter what doctor or hospital you choose.

Stress-Free Process

No additional application or underwriting process is required.

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“I was dreading the sign up process to Covered California. My friends have had nothing but trouble and unhelpful representatives. Cathy from Keenan was wonderful and helpful. She answered all my questions and solved my problem. She made the process easy. Thank you, Cathy!”


““When selecting my individual health insurance for 2014, I ran into a few problems with the health insurer’s website and process. The people at Keenan were invaluable in assisting me in getting the right insurance at the right price and in a timely fashion.””



With the average cost of an accident at over $3,000*, Accident coverage lets you breathe easy.

*Based on Time Insurance Company Accident Medical Expense claims data