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Create a Plan and Practice It  

Current risk management practice should include planning and practicing for emerging threats such as:

Readiness Conquers Fear

Natural Disasters

While the likelihood of tragic events occurring in any particular community is rare, no one can afford to think that
“it can’t happen here.”

Active Shooter


Keenan has created IMReady, an intensive assessment and training resource program specifically customized to your facilities, staff and exposures, conducted by qualified and experienced incident management experts. IMReady will raise preparedness and organizational resiliency with a suite of emergency preparedness products and services, including:

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IMReady... Are you?

• Executive Emergency Management Training (Roles and Responsibilities)
• Active Shooter/Active Killer – Response, Reunification, Recovery
• Facility Design and Security Characteristics
• De-escalation Training (Nonviolent Verbal Intervention)
• Threat and Physical Security (TaPS) Assessment
• Emergency Operations Planning (EOP) Suite – planning, review, drills and exercises

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